The photo organizer you need for your thousands of photos



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If you have a lot of digital pictures on your computer, CDs and DVDs, for sure that it's difficult for you to have all of them organized.

Pixfiler can be the picture organizer program you need to handle your lots of pictures.

The first time you'll run PixFiler, it will locate and display your photos in a few seconds, no matter if they are hundreds or thousands because it's always fast and not slow.

Make your photo collection grow and have them organized, PixFiler will be there to help you find them in a snap. You'll only need a glance and you'll find the photo collection you want to access. Try it, you won't want to uninstall it.

Finally, you'll be able to tag your photos and add annotations. Share your photos, create webpages for the photos, export them in CD or DVD,...

The full functionality of the program is available for 30 days

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